Do Mini Models accept all children that apply? – No we only take a small percentage of applications and can only reply to successful models. If successful, we will reply within 14 days. Mini Models represent children age 0-17 years

What are the fees and commission charges? – Mini Models are free to join, charge no upfront sign on fees and take just 25% commission on all fees (photographic and tv work). We do however take a one off job fee / web admin fee of £30.00 per child from any earnings. This is a one off fee taken from any earnings, including castings. This is relatively low compared to the variable fees and charges of other agencies.

Can Mini Models guarantee my child work? – Unfortunately not – no agency can!

Are Mini Models a sole agency? – No Mini Models are a non sole agency which means you are able to join other non sole agencies. That said, we do not want models who are with more than two other agencies as well as us, otherwise all the non sole agencies represent all the same children and we want to differentiate from that.

What companies do you deal with? – We work with a variety of clients for photographic and tv work (please see our client and gallery pages)

Do I need professional photos? – It is not compulsory to join Mini Models, but we do recommend professional photos for better representation of your child. We are delighted to have our own friendly agency photographer, Hannah Coates on board. Mini Models Agency hold assessment days with Hannah and offer photos at discounted rates.

Do I need to take my child out of school? – Yes! Most jobs are in term time, however castings are usually after school hours approx 4-6pm

Do I need to reside within London? – Mini Models are an Essex based agency. Most casting and jobs are within London and the M25 so it is preferable that you are within an hour commute of London but not imperative. Please contact us for further details.

What happens next? – If you are accepted, you will automatically be put forward for any jobs that you are suitable for. We are a very friendly, approachable, helpful agency, and we also have children in the industry. We are happy to answer any questions, help plan train routes, whatever is needed to help and support our Mini Models and parents!

When will I get paid from a job? – Payment varies from each client but can take up to 90 days. All monies are paid either online or by cheque and made out in the name of the child.

Questions? – Please contact us – info@minimodels.agency